Meet Owner and Designer Katherine Autin

Watch this short video and meet owner and jewelry designer Katherine Autin. 


Katherine believes nature's most magical gifts are pearls and exotic gems. She loves designing jewelry for you!

Katherine Autin, owner of Kat’s Jewelry Magic has been in love with the world of gemstones, pearls, and jewelry since she was a little girl playing with pop beads.  Some of you remember those ... For 41 years she has been an innovative woman business owner and loves inspiring other women to pursue their dreams and passions in life.

Her sterling silver, gemstone, pearl, and hand-enameled jewelry designs are created with love, marrying nature and art with a classic twist.

Enjoy Picking Out Your Jewelry Treasures from Katherine's one-of-a-kind and limited edition designs!


Fun Facts About the Owner

Katherine Autin started her first retail jewelry company 41 years ago in Fairfax, Virginia in 1982 selling exquisite 14K gold antique and gemstone jewelry from around the world.  Her son was less than six months old.  Shortly after she started her company, she obtained her Diamond Certificate from the Gemological Institute of America.    

After the family moved to New Orleans in 1985, she opened a jewelry store in the French Quarter in New Orleans specializing in the sale of 14K gold and exotic gemstones, and specialty Mardi Gras jewelry.


In 1991 the family moved to Louisville, Kentucky and sold wholesale sterling charms to Equestrian, Zoo, Aquarium, and seasonal jewelry stores and gift shops worldwide. Then she taught herself with the help of a great friend, how to design one-of-a-kind silver, pearl, and gemstone earrings, interchangeable pendants, bracelets, and necklaces.

As her businesses evolved, she taught herself to hand enamel using a foot compressor and created a computer aided design and manufacturing operation using the CNC design process that brought her and her team of artists designs to life in wax. Those waxes for charms were cast in sterling and then she hand-enameled them adding Swarovski crystals, genuine pearls, and seed beads into the charm and pendant designs.

In 2003 Katherine trademarked her new creative design line, KooLoops, sterling silver hand enamel and Swarovski crystal removable charms and gemstone and pearl bead drops from beautiful leather, and sterling chain loops. 

Open the loop; perfect to hang on your purse, book bag, zipper pull on jackets, beltloop, and great as a gift for your guests on their wine glasses. AND you can slip the removable charms or gemstone designs off the KooLoop and slide them on chains, charm bracelets, or wherever your imagination takes you.  REALLY KOOL!!!