What Are KooLoops Purse Charms??

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Let Your Imagination Go! Where will you put your
KooLoops Purse Charms??   REAL KOOL!!! 

Slip Them Off - Slide Them On ********   Easy Peasy!!!
Removable Charms or Gemstone Pendants -
open the clasp just like a necklace. 

KooLoops are Purse Charms, handmade with sterling silver, 3-4" leather loops, and removable sterling silver charms or gemstone pendants. Dangle and loop two or three from your purse, on a wine glass for a very special gift, add them on your belt loop, a zipper pull, or on your childrens' bookbags. Open the KooLoops, slip the charm or pendant off to slide onto a chain or charm bracelet.